Why the Route 66 Presentation Was Created

Hello, I am Wendy Jack, the creator of the Route 66 presentation. Welcome to the journey. I want to give all of you a taste of life as it was in the heyday of Route 66. I want to inspire you to keep these nostalgic memories alive so that they will not be forgotten.

Route 66 has played an important role in the history of travel and culture in the United States. In 1926, this legendary two lane highway was constructed to take travelers from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. Route 66 brought about a wonderful sense of adventure and the promise of an exciting new life. People would get into their cars and drive along this magnificent two lane highway. This great old road meandered through scenic rural areas, small towns, and cities. Homey motels offered a good night’s rest. All American diners offered a warm hardy meal. Souvenir shops enticed buyers. Drive-in theatres showed the latest movie feature.

So please step into the 1950s service station, filled with an abundance of memorabilia. Take a journey along the map that displays painted images of iconic Route 66 tourist attractions. If you have lived during these times, relive any personal memories that you may have. If you were born after these times, take an educational adventure back in time to catch a glimpse of how it would have been during these great old days. Enjoy the ride!